Diagnosis of syphilis usually depends on the demonstration of antibodies in the blood. Two types of antibody are produced in response to infection, non-specific anti-lipid reagin antibody and specific anti-treponemal antibody. These appear soon after infection; the specific anti-treponemal antibodies may persist for many years, whereas the reagin antibodies may disappear after treatment.

Syphilis tests can be grouped into two categories. Non-treponemal tests detect non-specific treponemal antibody and include VDRL and RPR tests, these are used primarily as screening tests. Treponemal tests detect specific treponemal antibody and include TPHA, FTA-Abs, ELISA and Rapid Devices. These may also be used for screening and as confirmatory tests.

Products available

  • One step sandwich technique with 60 minutes total incubation time for faster results and flexibility for integration into routine activities
  • Total antibody assay (IgA, IgG, IgM) for detection during all stages of infection
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Uses undiluted plasma or serum samples for easy sample handling
  • 3 recombinant antigens for consistent and reproducible performance
  • Ready to use reagents decreases reagent handling and improve efficiency
  • Colour coded reagents for visual and automated addition verification
  • Reproducibility and robustness for increased security
  • Easily automated for high throughput labs

A modified form of the VDRL antigen, containing microparticulate carbon to enhance the visual reading of results. The reagent, non-treponemal antigen, consists of cardiolipin lecithin which will flocculate when exposed to patient serum containing regain found in syphilitic patients.

For the reliable detection of non-treponemal rapid plasma regain antibodies in human serum and plasma. Contains reagent, positive and negative controls, dispensing bottle and needle, slides and pipette stirrers.

Specially formulated to eliminate non-specific reactions and improve performance.

Results in 10 minutes.

A fast, reliable and robust haemagglutination assay for detection of treponemal antibodies in human serum or plasma.

Confirmatory or secondary test using preserved avian erythrocytes coated with antigens of T. Pallidum. Control Cells eliminate non-specific reactions with protocols included for absorption of any non-specific reactions.

High sensitivity and specificity.

Results within 45 minutes.

Manual or automated use.

  • 8/505
  • Syphilis Rapid Cassettes (Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood)
  • 40 pouches per box
  • 8/505S
  • Syphilis Rapid Strips (Serum/Plasma/Whole Blood)
  • 50 pouches per box